Includes Software, Hardware repair, and Virus and Malware mitigation.

We will repair your computer to get it back in peak performance. This includes any preventive maintenance advice to prevent future problems. 

We can repair software or hardware issues along with mitigating any virus or malware issues.

(Please note: parts are separately priced.)


We repair and optimize poorly running networks.

We can repair poorly running networks by diagnosing the router and modem. We will also inform of any problems associated with the equipment and advise on proper location of the wifi routers for network optimization.

(Please note: we can also install additional Ethernet cable throughout the house for a separate charge.)


Contact-free repair service

We can also repair most software, network, virus, and malware issues remotely. (If we are not able to repair all issues remotely then a physical visit may be required. If a physical visit is required, it will be included in the flat rate.)